The Bunny Men – Urban Legend Short Story

  It’s 11:40pm; the moon’s glow is dimmed due to the dark clouds that rest in the night sky. A reflection of the tired and grumpy mood that I’m currently   I’ve had a long day at the office, the boss had been breathing down my neck all day, and the only thing that had... Continue Reading →


Wicked Thoughts

    Don't swear. Think of your happy place. Stay positive.     These instructions… These hypnotizing statements are what you need to remember if you want to survive. Ever since that night they’re phrases I chant to myself over and over and over again. They’re all I have to fight back, to stay safe... Continue Reading →

Desi Lounge – Urban Legend

    Do you know what’s even more important than having a successful wedding? It’s the relaxing honeymoon that comes afterwards.   Now you could do something romantic like staying in Paris for a while, or even something weird like going to Vegas. But Janna and I decided we wanted to keep it simple but sweet, and... Continue Reading →

The Unlikely Hero’s

  It was the fiftieth interview that day and Donald Bethlehem AKA Television’s Captain Wonder Man was over it.  Sitting in his old red, white, and blue uniform, cramped in a small side office in a moldy building on the edge of Brooklyn with three camera men and a smarmy executive from BCTV searching for... Continue Reading →

The Riddle Of Calamari Bridge

Balder Mogilev dreams were about to come true. He’d spent his entire fortune, hired goblin mercenaries, and braved The Mountains of Cardozo all for the treasure he’d pined for ever since he was a young dwarf. He and his mercenaries had fought through ancient tombs, slain countless giants, and brought an end to an evil... Continue Reading →

The Witch’s Promise

    Willa walked up the witch’s hill as the storm began to churn above her. On top of the hill sat a dilapidated shack that Old Fiona, The Witch of the Hill, called home. As she opened the gate, a headless scarecrow twisted in the broiling wind. Willa patted the bag on her shoulder... Continue Reading →


  Billy looked through his window and up at the night sky. He got down on his knees, clasped his hands in front of his face, and looked up at the brightest star in the sky. “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight; I wish I may, wish I might, have… Continue Reading →... Continue Reading →


The glare of the bright lights on the stage blinded her for a moment. Her heart was in overdrive and she was afraid the audience could hear it pounding. Her palms were sweating, and little beads were forming on her forehead. Cherish, an abused and neglected woman who always had a talent for dancing, finally... Continue Reading →

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